HomeAway (Vrbo) - Ranking System | Online-Buchungsplattform für Ferienhäuser und Ferienwohnungen - Algorithmus

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  • The system uses machine learning to connect the right vacation rentals with the right travelers.
  • It evaluates the likelihood a potential guest will book your place.
  • A higher ranking means more exposure. More exposure can mean more bookings and can increase your chances of becoming a Premier Partner.
  • The key to improving your ranking across HomeAway brands and Expedia is to provide the best end-to-end traveler experience.
  • Create great content and keep it up-to-date: Accurately list amenities. Include high quality photos (well-lit, high-resolution) that highlight your property (features, amenities, view) as well as the exterior.
  • Price your holiday home competitively against similar properties in your market. HomeAway (Vrbo) is introducing new tools to help vacation rental owners to stay on top of market data, to track rates for similar properties in your market and to accurately set your rates.
  • Accept bookings and provide a great booking experience: Keep your availability calendar up to date. Respond quickly to inquiries. Use the HomeAway platform to communicate with potential guests and to process all bookings. If your bookings are being taken off of HomeAway’s platform, your ranking suffers as a result. Avoid unnecessary cancellations.
  • Earn great feedback: Encourage guests to leave you a review. Vacation rentals with 20 or more reviews see a considerable increase in performance.


(Sources: via @homeaway – Get full details at https://www.homeaway.com/lp/theworldisyours/rankings/ | via @homeaway – Video: https://youtu.be/pnLhskwoRBA )